The 39th edition of the International Festival of Timgad 2017

Under the High Patronage of his Excellency, the President of Algeria, Mr Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and The supervision of the Minister of Culture and the Wali of Batna province

and for purposes of the 55th the celebrations of the Independence Day and the youth Day, The commissariat of the international festival of Timgad; with the collaboration of The National Office of Culture and Information Organize the 39th edition of the International Festival of Timgad 2017 in the New Theater, in the ancient city of Timgad, Batna (July 6th -July 13r)


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Soirée timgad 06 juillet 2017
Thursday 06/07/2017
Soirée timgad 07 juillet 2017
Friday 07/07/2017
Soirée timgad 08 juillet 2017
Saturday 08/07/2017
Soirée timgad 09 juillet 2017
Sunday 09/07/2017
Soirée timgad 10 juillet 2017
Monday 10/07/2017
Soirée timgad 11 juillet 2017
Tuesday 11/07/2017
Soirée timgad 12 juillet 2017
Wednesday 12/07/2017
Soirée timgad 13 juillet 2017
Thursday 13/07/2017
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Cheb Khaled image
Nom d'artiste Artiste
Nej’ image
Rohff image
Cheb Wahid image
Hamid Belbeche image
Nom d'artiste Artiste
Housam Djnied image
Humam image
Cheb Khalas image
Cheb Houssam image
Nom d'artiste Artiste
Assi El Hallani image
Tawfik Nadroumi image
Nadia Baroud image
Chaba Djamila image
Nom d'artiste Artiste
Nassi image
Willy William image
Nasreddine Hora image
Zahouania image
Nom d'artiste Artiste
Houria Aichi image
Dalal Abou Amna image
Kader Japonais image
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FéFé image
Algerino image
Groupe Freekline image
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Groupe Bouzaher image
Kamel Guelmi image
Cheb Mami image