Located in Batna Province, in Aures, Timgad is a northern east Algerian city. It is located in 35Km east of the chief town of Batna, and it is 530 Km or more far from Algiers.
Timgad city is best known by the ruins of the Romans city “Tharmgadi”, which was founded by the Roman Emperor Trajan in 100 AD. It was built for strategic purposes, but it becomes, within time, a centre of population. It was surrounded by a stone great wall of protection.
In the beginning, the city occupied an area of 12 hectares; it became, at the end, an area of fifteen hectares. The Roman city was named Tharmgadi.
The first map of Timgad was quadrangular and geometric: two major roads cross the city from East to the West (The Documanus Maximus Road) and from the North to the South (The Cardo maximus Road).
Des vestiges qui restent, jusqu’à présent, l’on citera le forum (cœur politique et social de la cité),la place publique ,la basilique ,le palais de justice ,à coté le marché et les boutiques et non loin de la fut érigé le théâtre.
Moreover, the vestiges that still remain, will tell the story of the forum (political and social center of the city), the public square, the basilica, the courthouse next to the market and the shops; and not far from there, there was the erecting theater.
The Theater is the main edifice of shows in the city of Timgad.
It is loocated in the south of the Forum, upon a hill; It can accommodate around 3500 people.
A museum was erected to preserve valuable vestiges of pottery, beautiful mosaics, statues and bas- reliefs that tell the story of the inhabitants of the city of "Thamugadi", which remains a city that keeps the visitor's curiosity and wonder at this precious heritage which has not revealed all its secrets.
Le choix d’y ériger un festival culturel n’est pas fortuit.
Il émane de la volonté d’un peuple de se réapproprier son patrimoine culturel, qui raconte l’Algérie millénaire et d’en faire une destination touristique; une pierre angulaire dans le développement économique et social du pays .
The choice to embrace a cultural festival in Thamougadi is not fortuitous.
It emanates from the will of a people to reappropriate its cultural heritage, which tells Algeria millennium and make it a tourist destination; A cornerstone in the country's economic and social development.

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